Most students fail the nursing licensure exams like NCLEX, UK-CBT, HAAD, DHA, or PROMETRIC because of these main reasons:
1. Lack of Core Content Mastery
2. Poor Test-Taking Techniques
3. Lack of Critical Thinking Skills
4. Lack of Focus and Motivation
5. Overwhelmed with Information
6. Lack of Self-Confidence
7. Extreme Test-Anxiety
8. Poor Time Management
The good news? Rachell Allen review courses address all of the above issues.
In addition, you won’t be overwhelmed and confused with so many books anymore because we have already summarized every drug and every concept that is commonly asked in these foreign licensure exams into ONE single material.
YES, you heard it right, you will only need to study one (1) compiled, summarized and easy to follow Rachell Allen material explained in a simple, interactive way, in-person, by expert Rachell Allen Exam Coaches! After the course, you may also purchase the Rachell Allen NCLEX Qbank to apply what you have learned in the lectures!
Schedules & Prices are posted on our official website:
PSA: Please contact the emails and mobile numbers indicated on our website only. Do not entertain individuals who may be pretending to be part of our team. When in doubt, you can confirm by sending an email to
Stay safe nurses!

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